Interview - The Garrison Institute

"We’re so together, actually, that the best performances are the ones where I personally cease to exist"

27 Mar 2016

2016 concerts

Portland, SF, LA, San Diego, NYC and more cities soon to be announced. Tickets here and join the mailing list for up to date information.

14 Feb 2016


Zoë will be attending the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland as a Cultural Leader. You can stream her performance at the closing ceremony on Jan 23.

10 Jan 2016

Manhattan WGN Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Manhattan is now available on Lakeshore Records! It includes music by Jonsi & Alex from Season 1 and music by Zoë & Jeff Russo for Season 2. You can download the album here.

08 Jan 2016

Fall 2015 concerts

Zoë' will be playing her music live with the Oklahoma City Ballet on September 18 and 19. Also, shows coming up in Chicago and Mexico. Check the concerts page for ticket info.

04 Sept 2015

Composing for the bomb

Zoë' and Jeff Russo are co-composing the music for season 2 of Manhattan, a drama about the making of the atomic bomb. It airs on Oct 13, 2015 on WGN.

15 July 2015

Interview in Forbes

Bitcoin and the Arts: An Interview with Artist and Composer, Zoe Keating

06 June 2015


Hey, concerts in Nevada, Toronto, Dallas, Houston and Austin! Tickets here.

20 Apr 2015


On the 19th of February, Zoë's husband passed away after a 9 month struggle with cancer.

21 Feb 2015

Voice of America

Zoë' profiled on Voice of America

21 Jan 2015

Composing for TV

Zoë' and Jeff Russo are co-composing for The Returned, which will air on A&E on March 9th 2015.

01 Oct 2014

Long haul

Zoë's husband is doing well on treatment and they are adjusting to the long-term nature of his disease. They would both like to express their deepest thanks for all your generous donations and support! Thanks to you they've been able to pay for all the things insurance hasn't covered, like genetic testing, gamma knife surgery and home help. Zoë is tentatively scheduling concerts and will be playing in Seattle, Portland and NYC. Check the performances page for into and ticket links.

04 Aug 2014

Some bad news

Zoë's husband has been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and her new album and any new tour dates are on hold.

19 May 2014

New concerts for 2014

Tickets are onsale for concerts in Omaha, Boulder, San Francisco and Carlsbad.

20 Apr 2014

New music for dance

Zoë is working with ODC Dance in SF on a new performance called "Boulders and Bones". It will premier on March 20 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Get your tickets here!

20 Feb 2014

Robert Hodgin video

Watch the incredible video Robert Hodgin made for LEAP, which Zoë performed at the closing ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos

10 Feb 2014

World Economic Forum

Zoë will premier a new piece entitled "Leap" at the closing ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Her performance, accompanied by a beautiful video by Robert Hodgin can be live streamed at on Jan 25 at 5:30pm Central European Time (11:30am EST/ 8:30am PST)

20 Jan 2014

The Strad Magazine

Zoë is the featured artist on the cover of the January 2014 issue of The Strad Magazine.

23 Dec 2013

Winter Tour

December and January, see a live performance in Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Madison, Omaha, Bloomington, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia or Atlanta. Tickets for all shows are onsale here.

06 Nov 2013

Virgin Disruptors

Join Virgin Disruptors for a live streamed debate about the future of music with Zoë, Imogen Heap, Will.I.Am, Amanda Palmer, Scooter Braun and folks from Spotify, Vevo and Songkick. Monday, Oct 28th.

19 Oct 2013

THIRD NY show!

Due to popular demand, a third show has been added for NYC on Oct 30th. Also, tickets are now onsale for Zoë's December crowd-sourced tour. Get em' here.

07 Oct 2013

Op-ed in the LA Times

Read Zoë's full-page article in the LA Times, The Sharps and Flats of the Music Business.

01 Sep 2013

September in Los Angeles & Ithaca

Tickets are on sale for Zoë's concerts at Largo in LA on Sept 12 and The Haunt in Ithaca, NY on Sept 22.

30 Aug 2013

October in New York City

Tickets are on sale for concerts on Oct 29 & 30 at SubCulture, NYC

16 Aug 2013

Maker Camp

Join Imogen Heap and Zoë in their studios for Maker Camp's "Not on tour". They will share their thoughts and insights on making music. August 9th at 11am PST.

01 Aug 2013

Hard at Work

Zoë' is in the studio for the summer to compose and record music for her new album, for The Kepler Story, and for ODC Dance.

10 July 2013<

So You Think You Can Dance

Watch Nick Muckleroy dance to Zoës's song "We Insist" tonight May 21 on So You Think You Can Dance, 8pm on FOX. Download "We Insist" here!

21 May 2013

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